Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday

This cutie pie turned two over the weekend.

To celebrate we had a small gathering of family over for appetizers and cake.  Alan made fun of me because I said I wasn't doing 'anything' this year.  Last year's party was an avalanche of disaster between the weather and the flu.  But, when it came down to it, I knew we just had to celebrate somehow.  Especially since it looked like the weather was about to keep us cooped up yet again.  (Thank you polar vortex)

So, I ran around to the places I knew would make a party easy. 

- Party City for supplies
- Trader Joe's for appetizers
- A trusted bakery for the cake
- A quick stop at the grocery store for my most trusted punch recipe (will share this week)

And we partied.

And though it was hectic getting everything together in just a couple of hours, it was a fraction of the effort put in last year with much greater reward.  I could relax and enjoy the time with our girl.

The cake was white with strawberry mousse.  M had her own cupcake to destroy and devour, and that she did.  She is so my child when it comes to cake.

No one bother me, I am eating cake.

It happened to be national appetizer week or something at Trader Joe's (is this a thing now?  fine with it but still) so I grabbed what sounded good, which was pretty much everything.  If you're headed there in the near future, the Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms were great as were the Feta and Caramelized Onion Tarts which are my favorite.  Skip the Chicken Parmesean thing on a stick (one bite and done for most on these), and the Mac and Cheese Bites are just OK.  We had lots leftover so Alan had good reason to jab me for doing too much after saying I'm not doing 'anything'.  (He says he'll be very worried the day I say "I'm going ALL out!").

It wasn't the stylized theme parties that I covet on Pinterest or Hostess with the Mostess, but it was a good time.  Small and sweet and perfect.

Just like our little girl.  Who is now two.

Stop the clock.

Hope you are staying warm wherever you are. 

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  1. Two already!? Time flies. Looks like the perfect party. Simple and fun. Hope she enjoyed her special day!


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