Monday, January 20, 2014

Hallway Bathroom Before and After

Last August while I was on a blogging hiatus, we finally remodeled two of our bathrooms (so see, we were busy.)  We gutted and re-did the hallway and master baths back to back.  Back to back construction is not necessarily fun, however, are we ever pleased with the results!

The upstairs hallway bathroom is pretty much the "main" bathroom of the house.  It is the largest, and has the tub. It also hadn't been updated since oh... 1978.


The vanity was not only ugly and dirty, the drawers fell out when you pulled on them, so was pretty much unusable as far as storage goes.  The flooring was loose and obviously water damaged. 

And then there was the tub.  (sorry for the blurry pics, our camera just wasn't having this bathroom either)

Beige, bad caulking.... beige.

The walls were also very soft when you pushed on them, and there was just an odd amount of extra caulk around the bottom of the tub wall.  So aesthetics aside, that spurred us to remodel here sooner rather than later in case of major leaks.  I wanted into that wall to see what might be going on.

(Happy to say there weren't any major leaks, just old and bad tiling).

Here's one more beauty shot so you can truly enjoy the after.

Complete with seat up.  Because it adds to the ambiance.

Needless to say the whole thing was ripped out and everything was replaced.  We hired out a contractor to do it all, and bought the supplies ourselves. 

The vanity was a score from Craigslist for $200.  Brand new, they had just decided to go a different route with their own bath remodel.  The counter and sink were from HOBO (bargains).

All the shower walls were removed and replaced with moisture resistant green board.  We had a hard time deciding on a tile pattern for this bath.  We wanted it to remain fairly neutral and timeless.  While I love all the very pretty glass tile patterns out there right now, I just worry that they will be "out" in 10 years.

And I don't plan to do this again that soon.  So, we stayed safe.  I'm happy with it.

We also added some inside storage by taking some space away from a hallway closet.

The shelves are 8" deep and are just right for holding some essentials.  Truthfully, we're not really utilizing it much right now.  But I have a feeling that when M turns 14 we will quickly be glad we have so much storage.

What I love the most in the new bath is the "wood" look ceramic tile.  I had seen it on Houzz and lobbied hard to have the same look in our new bath. 

It's got great texture, and even though it is gray it really adds some warmth.   Alan is glad I fought for it.  We ended up getting this tile at HOBO as well for $1.27 each.  Which in a word, was cheap!

What we hired out:

  • ALL the dirty work.  We wanted it done right and knew when purchasing this house we were going to budget professional contractors for the bathrooms.  Especially for fear of any plumbing problems.  It was a splurge, but it was SO worth it.
What we DIY'd:
  • Design and purchase of the materials.
  • Repainting of the vanity mirror found on steep clearance which was previously a cherry color.
It still needs some finishing touches, something on the wall... but for now this is a 38473047% improvement over its former state.  Wouldn't you say? It is our guest bath and pretty much M's bath.  I feel so much better putting her in this tub than the old one!

Next before and after post will be the Master Bath.  Which was not quite as ugly as this one, but very, very close. 

What was your biggest home project in the past year?  Anything major coming up?


  1. Read on my iPhone earlier and it wouldn't let me comment … LOVE this!!! What a gorgeous remodel. Can I hire you?? Seriously, the neutral tones are perfect and I'm really loving the flooring plus extra storage space you added. So smart. Looking forward to seeing what you did with the master bathroom!

    1. Thanks Sarah! Yes I'm so happy with the neutrals so I can just snazz it up with different color towels or a funky shower curtain. For now I'm just glad to be done with the ugly brown.

  2. WOW Jessica, your bathroom makeover is just beautiful. I love the colours you've used, makes it feel so calm and clean. Going to have to check out the rest of your before and afters now! BTW - Happy SITS day...looking forward to getting to know you better :)

    1. Thanks Vickie! Looking forward to getting to know you as well. Have a great day.

  3. Hi! So excited to be a part of this tribe building! I can't wait to start digging into your blog. It might take me a few days it is quite busy around here. :)

    1. Hi Anna - and thanks! See you around as we build the tribe. :)

  4. Love the makeover!! Your bathroom looks completely different!!! Excited to be part of the tribe! :)

  5. Thanks Katie, looking forward to it too.

  6. Wow, you did an amazing remodel. We have to redo our master bathroom very soon. You made it look so worthwhile, I can't wait.


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